Our site does not have advertising, and to be able to have this model and standard and to keep it in the air, we need resources.

In order for us to work with an advanced player that plays high resolution videos and is stable and fast, we need to put our site on a high performance server.

With a high performance server we can also host photos and gifs of registered users, but all this has a cost that we can not support without your help and your donations.

With donations per month and year, we can keep our site in the air, free of charge, without invasive advertising and with many resources that will be used with registered users.

Basically the donations will serve to keep the site clean of advertising and used in the following respects respectively: Cost of High Performance Servers, Website Development and Maintenance of the Same.

Please, if you are interested in making any donation to our site, use your wallet to send us bitcoin, in the link below :


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